We are an arboricultural consultancy offering a range of services to clients who need expert and impartial advice on trees in relation to land and site management. We do not offer tree pruning or removal services.


Urban Forestry Australia was established in 1982 to provide specialist services to the urban horticulture and tree management profession.The range of services has expanded over time to provide complete tree management solutions for the householder to the professional services provider.

The company focuses on three areas in the urban horticulture sector:

  • Tree management and arboricultural consulting
  • Legal reporting and expert witness
  • Arboricultural engineering and hazard assessment

Urban Forestry Australia ( UFA ) aims to provide a high quality, research based and innovative tree management service. It does this by bringing a comprehensive approach to tree and landscape management, matched with a broad understanding of related legal, business and regulatory issues.

UFA provides a wide range of consultancy services including:

  • tree surveys and inventories,
  • amenity tree health,
  • value and hazard assessment,
  • aerial tree inspection,
  • tree and landscape management plans,
  • tree maintenance and monitoring schedules,
  • supervision of contractors engaged in tree-related works,
  • protection plans for trees at development sites,
  • root mapping; and
  • arboricultural engineering.

  UFA is appointed by clients who require accurate documentation and information to assist with their tree management issues. These clients include:

  • local and state government departments,
  • flora and fauna specialists,
  • developers and construction companies,
  • architects and landscape architects,
  • consulting arborists,
  • legal firms,
  • surveyors; and
  • project managers.

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